Art Journey From My Mind #18

I'm tearing up thinking about this anatomy art journey. I remember when I restarted it on Dec 24, 2015 and said to myself while looking at the #189 video, "Wow, I can't wait to be able to do that! "

Well, that day has come! 8 months and 3 days later (I finished on August 27)  I reached that #189 video, and I drew that figure, with all this knowledge running around in my head! I am really humbled and proud of myself that I was able to learn it. I was frustrated A LOT of the time, wanted to just quit sometimes but then kept telling myself to enjoy the journey, you got this! You CAN learn this!

The leg muscles were just as crazy to learn as the arms, there are so many of them! 

The feet were simple compared to what I have crammed into my brain lately. Haha!

Then of course we added the whole kit and caboodle in a front and back 3/4 pose.

There are additional videos with 17 various poses that I will do one or more a week. And then there is 18 dynamic characters after that to draw. But I'm so ready to get back to The Magic Box and Schoolism and learn tips and tricks for digital drawing so I'll be alternating between these. 

Thank you for following my anatomy art journey. I'll keep posting about my digital art classes too. 

Until next time,


My Art Journey Update #17

Hello, it has been a long time since my last update! I left off with the back of the arm muscles study and wanted to get through some more of the lessons before writing another post. 

Here are the lower front arm muscles in different hand poses. All of the poses certainly do make it a challenge getting the muscles in the right place with all that twisting and turning. Towards the end he mentioned that was the hardest section. I was like "Thank goodness!" because I thought I was having a learning problem!!! 

Next up is all the muscles on the top half of the body, front and back with light and shadows. For the life of me I couldn't get the shading to look right on the back. I did it twice, but I'm not going to worry about because I have 19 different poses to do after I finish the anatomy section. He said he is going to teach some shading techniques so I'm looking forward to that! 

Then he has us do "a test" mannequin with surface anatomy to show how the curves of the body from all the muscles we've learned look. (On the "test" drawings he uses different styles to draw out the figures. It challenges and blows my mind!)

Next stop....  the hands. Those are some seriously crazy looking parts of the anatomy! Very interesting too. 

And of course then we add onto the figure with shading.... 

And then the surface anatomy mannequin...

Now off to learn the muscles of the pelvis area, legs and feet (22 videos!) I'm seeing a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!

Until next time, 


My Art Journey update #16

Wednesday I had to redo my sketches of the mannequin outside view of the arms in different positions twice. I don't know what the heck I was thinking the first time around!!! I was about to go batshit crazy and had to tell myself to "enjoy the journey " often. I finally got them to match up like they are supposed to be.

Thursday I drew 4 more different angles of the forearm and it's getting easier to draw as well as know where the muscles are supposed to go! 

Then today I got my mind fried with the back arm view with different angles of the hand. 

Thank you for reading.......until next time!


My Art Journey From My Mind Update #15

I finally finished section 108 to 143! Woohoo! He is showing us how the muscles look on the front and back with a side by side view, the inside view (left image) and outer view (right image)

Onto the next section to learn the rest of the muscles. I only have 82 videos left out of 225. I'm so excited!!!!!



My Art Journey - Anatomy Drawing Update #14

Happy first day of July!

I wanted to get a certain section finished before I posted again. I’ve gotten through videos 120-135! I have 7 more videos before I get to 3rd section of the muscles. I’m excited to be more than half way finished!

I was told to hang on to the neck muscles page I drew on 6/9 because we would be adding things to it. I had to re-do the 3/4 view one because I didn't think I'd have enough room for the arm muscles and didn't want my back view to be lonely on a page by itself.

And then I added arm bones....humerus, ulna and radius along with the pelvis and rib lines.
Some biceps and pec muscles.

The lovely deltoids and abdomen muscles

The serratus, oblique, dorsal, triceps, trapezoid, and shoulder muscles

Then I finished out the stylized mannequin and did views with light and shadows on muscles then a surface anatomy

Whew! That was a lot. Now on to creating one of his character designs in video lesson 136, this should be interesting.


Have a safe and Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY holiday, and until next time,


Art Journey From My Mind Update #13!

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday and Summer Solstice!

I didn't post Friday because I was sick most of the week and with all the other sad things going on I forgot. I did get to draw for a couple of days a little bit. I redid  the first neck muscle shading. I still need practice on the shading! And I drew the neck muscles in 3 different positions.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week...

Until next time,